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“highly recommended”

What a joy to journey with the Author through her childhood, adolescence, young adult, and adult stages of her life. Cinderella was in search for her prince charming. Even though it was a painful pursuit at times, each experience and relationship taught her valuable life lessons as she traveled. At the end of the journey, she found her prince charming and realized he had been searching for her throughout her life. I highly recommend this book to male and female, young and old …it will bless your heart, provide instruction, reveal truth and relieve a little bit of your pain as you journey through life. I pray this read is as much a blessing to you as it was to me.

Dr. Jimmy Withers, President, Ironmen Ministries

“pleasure to read”

I love a book where I can read and learn at the same time. This was a wonderful example of a historical fiction work that also informs the reader, and it’s one of my favorite genres. You did a great job with capturing the characters in their era and presenting them clearly and relating them to the readers. You meshed setting, plot and character together very well, and the story was a pleasure to read.

Writer's Digest Judges 2017

“gorgeous gems”

Judge’s Commentary*: A gripping story, told with bravery and depth via the author’s gentle and relatable writing voice. ‘As grief stole pieces of his mind and heart’ is one example of the author’s talent for phrasing, and there are some truly gorgeous gems in this book. Excellent dialogue throughout. The author, in sharing healing insights, lets us feel her evolution and gives us take-aways that we can apply to our own challenges. I liked this very much. It has layers in most sections. Well done.

The Writer's Digest - eBook Contest Judge

“articulate and comfort”

Not too many of us that have gone through the loss of a loved one are able to articulate and record the devastation and at the same time reach and comfort…

Joyce Landorf Heatherley, Balcony Publishing

““passion for writing and narrative””

Beth Withers Banning is distinguished for her impressive organizational skills and grace to work under pressure. Beth constantly seeks to improve her development on every task she is assigned. She has the ability to objectively analyze any subject, as well as an outstanding passion for writing and narrative. She is organized, detail-oriented, effective, positive, and committed with the projects she is assigned.

Aydee Hernandez

General Manager Voice & Nation

“insightful book”

Beth Withers Banning’s compact and insightful book is ideal for anyone to read especially women. Beth does a great job keeping the reader’s attention as she prompts her audience to consider the impact men have had in their life. I had chills when I read how God used me as an instrument in her life. I’ve got to believe anyone reading Beth’s story, whether mature or young in the faith will find much to meditate and reflect on in their own life’s journey. Her story is a great reminder to all of us that we can achieve “the sparkling diamonds of love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, temperance and meekness.” Beth challenges us to focus on the eternal perspective and not allow our
temporal circumstances to define who we are.

Jeff Haddock, Business Owner

“special and unique understanding”

If you are looking for that special and unique understanding for your own personal tragedy, then read this book! The author wastes no time revealing her private and unspoken thoughts. Beth Banning puts in print what some women who have gone through losing a child only think in the darkest hour. 

Kenny Hayes, Co-Founder Women Who Win, Author of "What Do You Want to Be When you Grow Up"

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