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Thank you for reaching out to The Heart of a Woman.

You could have chosen a myriad of copywriters for your services; and you may be wondering how our organization is different. I do not take lightly your consideration in utilizing The Heart of a Woman. Our services cover every aspect of self-help and inspirational Christian writing services. The beauty behind The Heart of a Woman is the element of experience. Not too many copywriters can say they have the depth and breadth of experience necessary to reach women in the 21st century both personally and professionally.

What experience you may ask?

I have been in the writing field for over 40 years and have published several works including When Mommies Cry and When the Glass Slipper Breaks. I have also authored numerous Bible Studies for women as well as written and developed Bible School materials. Professionally, I have managed corporate correspondence, VIP scripting, executive presentations, and marketing materials.

How does my experience reach the heart of a woman?

It has been my privilege to travel the globe as a keynote speaker to women who are seeking healing and comfort. In addition to copywriting services, I have also served in my church as the Women’s Ministry Leader for over 20 years both as teacher and administrator. From parenting to grandparenting, ministering to serving, professional to informal, or simply friend to friend, my copywriting services can reach any female audience.

What qualifies the Heart of a Woman to provide copywriting services and in what areas am I qualified?

As an Infinity member of the American Writers and Artists, Inc. since 2016, I have trained in email marketing, web writing, social media, blogging, B2B, and direct response. I have also concluded the 10-week Accelerated Copywriting Course and am on my way to certification. I am a Winners Edge member of copywriterMarketer.com; and participate in continuing education webinars. I have also attended and hosted the Artful Askers Grant Writers Workshop and have submitted and written numerous grants for colleges.

What will it be like to work with me?

I am of the mindset that the customer comes first. Accessibility and compliance are my top priorities; and innovation and “out of the box” thinking are very important to me. I am a woman of integrity and perseverance; and I cannot wait to work with you on your projects. To confirm my commitment to your success, I would like to offer a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your needs and objectives.

What kind of investment will need to be made when working with me?

Depending upon the project, varying investments will be required. As in any situation, I am flexible in making concessions. After our consultation, a more distinct idea of your investment will be evident. The enclosed list of fees and services will provide you with a guideline in determining where your project needs may fall.

How long will it take to write my copy?

Copywrite services require superior effort and research. After consultation and expectations have been determined, a timeline will be provided in the proposal.

What if I want you to revise the copy?

A maximum of three revisions are offered at no charge. Additional revisions will incur a fee based on time and project lay-out.

Who owns the copy afterward? Do either of us have special rights?

I own the copy until the project is complete. Once executed for final lay-out and full payment has been made, ownership transfers to you. The only role your copy will play from my perspective is to be used as a sample in my portfolio.

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